Python for Data Analyst



Lecture 1: Building Solid Python Programming Fundamental (Part 1)

  • Understanding common Python use-cases in day to day working environment.
  • Learning Python 2 and Python 3 differences, Python development environment (IDEs) and related software products.
  • Introducing basic data types (string, numeric, boolean, list/tuple and dictionary)and how they are used in the real project.

Lecture 2: Building Solid Python Programming Fundamental (Part 2)

  • Working with Python operators, conditional statements, loops and error handling.
  • Writing your own functions
  • Managing files with Python file I/O
  • Brief introduction to Object Oriented Programming and real-world Classes use-cases

Lecture 3: Reading data with Python Pandas

  • Pandas and Anaconda Introduction
  • Reading CSV
  • Reading Other delimited TXT files
  • Reading Excel
  • Reading JSON
  • Reading HTML
  • Reading Data Frames
  • Reading other file types

Lecture 4: Processing data with Python Pandas

  • Viewing and understanding your data
  • Selecting and filtering data
  • Cleaning and organizing data
  • Grouping and summarizing data
  • Joining and combining data from different sources

Lecture 5: Output data with Python Pandas

  • Common Python Outputs in a typical business environment
  • Writing to CSV
  • Writing to Excel
  • Writing to JSON
  • Writing to other file formats
  • Python visualization with Matplotlib
  • Python statistical outputs (Business oriented, no prior stats knowledge required)

Lecture 6: Python with Databases and big data

  • Introduction to Python with Database
  • Live demo on how Python is used with other common software products including commonly used databases for Python (SQL Server, Postgres and MySQL, mongoDB)
  • Understand the real Python eco-systems and current corporate big data and database strategies to find out the career opportunities for you.

Lecture 7: Cloud, Real-world Python projects, further studies and interview preparation

  • Introduction to Python on the Cloud
  • Understand the Python eco-systems on the cloud and current corporate big data and cloud strategies to find out the career opportunities for you.
  • Brief introduction on several enterprise level Python projects
  • Guidelines on directions of your future Python studies
  • Common Python interview questions and how to prepare for them
  • My ongoing supports for your learning journey

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