Course Description:

This course not only provides an overview of the Canadian financial services industry and investment products, but also develops your ability to analyze and select investment products for yourself. Topics include: fixed income investment, equities and derivatives, mutual funds and hedge funds, retirement planning, estate planning and the portfolio management, etc. This course helps to develop a thorough, practical understanding of personal financial management as a skill that students can use in careers in Canadian financial institutions, especially at the retail level.
Total: 24 hours


Session 1: Capital Market and Financial Services

  • Investment Capital
  • Financial Market
  • The Canadian Securities Industry
  • Regulatory Organizations

Session 2: The Canadian Economy

  • Foundation of Economics
  • Overlook of Canadian Economy
  • Business Cycle and Economic Indicator
  • Economic Policy: Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy

Session 3: Fixed Income Securities

    • Overview of Fixed Income Investment
    • Feature and types
    • Bond Pricing and trading

Session 4: Equity

  • Common Shares
  • Preferred Shares
  • Stock Indexes and Averages
  • Equity Transactions
  • Account types and Margin Calculation
  • Trading and Settlement

Session 5: Derivatives, Corporation and Financial Statement

  • Overview of Derivatives
  • Options, Pricing and Trading
  • Forwards and Futures, Rights and Warrants
  • Canadian Business Structure
  • Financing and Listing
  • Statement of Financial Position

Session 6: Analyzing Market and Products

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Fundamental Evaluation Models
  • Introduction of Technical Analysis
  • Company Analysis

Session 7: Portfolio Management

  • Introduction of Portfolio Approach
  • Managing Risk and Return
  • The Portfolio Management Process
  • Asset Mix
  • Portfolio Performance Evaluation

Session 8: Managed Products

  • Overview of Managed and Structured Products
  • Structure of Mutual Fund
  • Mutual Fund: Types and Features
  • Measuring Mutual Fund Performance

Session 9: Segregated Funds, Hedge Funds, ETF, Other Managed Products

  • Introduction of Segregated Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Benefits and Risk of Hedge Fund, Strategies
  • Exchange-Listed Products
  • Fee Based Account
  • Introduction of Structured Products
  • Principal-Protected Notes, Indexed Linked GICs
  • Asset Backed Securities

Session 10: Tax Planning and Financial Planning

  • Canadian Taxation
  • Tax Deferral Plans
  • Working with Retail Client
  • Financial Planning Approach
  • Life Cycle Hypothesis
  • Working with Institutional Client
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