Study Session 1

Ethical and Professional Standards

  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Guidance for Standards I – VII
  • Introduction to Global Investment Performance Standards
  • Global Investment Performance Standards

Study Session 2:

Quantitative Methods – Basic Concepts

  • Time Value of Money
  • Discounted Cash Flow Applications
  • Statistical Concepts and Market Returns
  • Probability Concepts

Study Session 3:

Quantitative Methods – Applications

  • Common Probability Distributions
  • Sampling and Estimation
  • Hypotheses Testing
  • Correlation and Regression

Study Session 4

Microeconomic Concepts

  • Elasticity
  • Efficiency and Equity
  • Markets in Action
  • Organizing Production
  • Outputs and Costs

Study Session 5


  • Perfect Competition
  • Monopoly
  • Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
  • Demand and Supply in Factor Markets
  • Monitoring Cycles, Jobs, and the Price Level
  • Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand

Study Session 6

Macroeconomic Analysis

  • Money, Banks, and the Federal Reserve
  • Money, Interest, Real GDP, and Price Level
  • Inflation
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary Policy

Study Session 7

Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis

  •  Financial Statement Analysis: An Introduction
  •  Financial Reporting Mechanics
  •  Financial Reporting Standards

Study Session 8

Understanding the Financial Statements

  •  Understanding the Income Statement
  •  Understanding the Balance Sheet
  •  Understanding the Cash Flow Statement

Study Session 9:

Assets and Liabilities

  • Analysis of Inventories
  • Analysis of Long-Lived Assets Part I: The Capitalization Decision
  • Analysis of Long-Lived Assets Part II: Analysis of Depreciation and Impairment
  • Analysis of Income Taxes
  • Analysis of Financing Liabilities
  • Leases and Off-Balance-Sheet Debt

Study Session 10:

Techniques, Applications, and

International Standards Convergence

  • Financial Analysis Techniques
  • Financial Statement Analysis: Applications
  • International Standards Convergence

Study Session 11

Corporate Finance

  1. Capital Budgeting
  2. Cost of Capital
  3. Working Capital Management
  4. Financial Statement Analysis
  5. The Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: A Manual for Investors

Study Session 12

Portfolio Management

  • The Asset Allocation Decision
  • An Introduction to Portfolio Management
  • An Introduction to Asset Pricing Models

Study Session 13

Securities Markets

  • Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets
  • Security Market Indexes
  • Efficient Capital Markets
  • Market Efficiency and Anomalies

Study Session 14

Industry and Company Analysis

  • An Introduction to Security Valuation: Part I
  • Industry Analysis
  • Equity: Concepts and Techniques
  • Company Analysis and Stock Valuation
  • An Introduction to Security Valuation: Part II
  • Introduction to Price Multiples

Study Session 15

Fixed Income Investments –Basic Concepts

  • Features of Debt Securities
  • Risks Associated with Investing in Bonds
  • Overview of Bond Sectors and Instruments
  • Understanding Yield Spreads
  • Monetary Policy in an Environment of Global Financial Markets

Study Session 16

Fixed Income Investments – Analysis and Valuation

  • Introduction to the Valuation of Fixed Income Securities
  • Yield Measures, Spot Rates, and Forward Rates
  • Introduction to the Measurement of Interest Rate Risk

Study Session 17

Derivative Investments

  • Derivative Markets and Instruments
  • Forward Markets and Contracts
  • Futures Markets and Contracts
  • Options Markets and Contracts
  • Swaps Markets and Contracts
  • Risk Management and Applications of Option Strategies

Study Session 18

Alternative Investments

Study Session 19

Mock Exam

Study Session 20

Mock Exam Review

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